Who are we?


Us folks behind Tiipii are typical Aussies with a whole lot of love for anything to do with the great outdoors.  

We’re just itching to inspire you guys to start camping, canoodling, reading or relaxing- to get the kids playing outside once again!

Therefore we decided to create a glorious outdoor abode for you to kick back, chill out and watch the world go by in…

So how about you start your own tales of a TiiPii…? All you have to do is decide to reclaim that clock and get a bit of ‘me’ time back- just get in touch, we’ll be sure to take it from there.

Then it’ll arrive, and you’ll take it, hang it, share it, make your favourite drink and truly bloody love it.

And there you have it.  Our job is done.


We believe the TiiPii can be enjoyed by everyone, singles, couples, family's, people with sensory needs, people looking for a chill out space, people who like the outdoors and camping and the list goes on.  Hence the tag line "For you, for me, for them.."  

But don't take our word for it!  

We constantly seek feedback from our loyal customers to continue to improve our beloved TiiPii and here is just a snippet of what they have to say:


Q - What is it that you mainly use your TiiPii for? 


I bought it for the grandchildren for Christmas. It is hung in the alfresco area near the pool. Perfect for a wind down after a swim. Three of the younger ones usually read their books together.
We hang ours under our patio and quite often use it for reading in!
As a cubby, a chill out hidie spot for my daughter and her friends if they’re here. They like the comfy tent feel, gentle breeze and not too much spinning if we can help it. It hangs under the pergola on a large hook which I can remove easily enough to store.
Reading and Relaxation. We hang it on the back Patio.
It is used for sensory relaxation for a group of 4-7 year old children with complex special needs.
We use it to lay down and read outside, under one of our big trees.

Q - What do you love the most about your new TiiPii bed?


How easy it is to put up and pack up
I love that it has a cover, and is great for my sensory seeking son, as he can hide whilst swinging.
How comfortable and relaxing and tranquil you feel lying on it. My 7 year old daughter and her friends love lying in there with cushions, blankets, music and books. We use it mainly as a floating tent as opposed to a swing... that will come I’m sure.
The grandchildren love it. They concentrate on their reading, although the younger one did fall asleep.
The fact that i can lie in it and read during the day.
It’s Size!