Our Versatile Hanging Day Bed “Nomad Range”


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Watch our tales of a TiiPii movie below

Our TiiPii bed is a versatile little critter… 

And that’s exactly why we don’t doubt that you’ll fall in love at very first sight.

A perfect pocket away from the world, with enough room for 3-4 adults or up to 5-6 children to enjoy… However that completely depends whether you want to share it, my dear! 

Hang out in your favourite spot on the patio, the porch, or pop it in your garden. 

Take it on holiday or ping it down to the beach.  To be honest, you can hang it absolutely anywhere you very well fancy!

And the best part…? It compacts down better than a contortionist.  Yup, effortlessly right back into a small 70cm convenient carry bag- weighing only 5-7kgs. 

So go on, treat yourself…

Why on earth wouldn’t you?

TiiPii Hanging Daybed.jpg
I work from home but can find it hard to either focus during the day, or fully relax afterwards. My tiipii helps me do both. I often now take my laptop & sit inside- it really inspires me. And ‘out of hours?’... Even better!!
— Dominic
TiiPii Bed Hammock Bed.jpg
TiiPii Hammock Bed.jpg
TiiPii Hammock Bed.jpg
TiiPii For you.jpg
TiiPii Hanging Daybed.jpg
TiiPii Hanging Daybed.jpg
I actually purchased this for the children, but I use it most of the time! I absolutely love it!! I have work to do around the house today but instead I’m just going to chill out & read my book in our tiipii bed!
Thank you :)
— Amelia
TiiPii Hanging Daybed.jpg
TiiPii Hanging Hammock Bed.jpg
My 8 year old daughter and her friends absolutely love lying in there with books, cushions, blankets and music. Even homework can be enjoyed inside! They like the comfy tent feel, gentle breeze and also use it as a ‘hidie’ spot
— Jodey
TiiPii Family Floating Hammock Bed
TiiPii Family Floating Hammock Bed
TiiPii Indoor Family Floating Daybed.jpg
TiiPii Family Hammock Bed.jpg

Procrastinate more, worry less, read, relax, watch the kids play.

An icy cold tickle, or maybe a coffee, throw cushions and a writing pad...

Catch some rays or watch the clouds.  Grab a mate, a love or just all to yourself.

Choose your favourite tree, choose another one, grab your tunes and lose a day.

Cowboys and Indians, teach them to whistle, bundle them inside and listen to the giggles.

Oh for the love of TiiPii!


Rest assured we are absolute sticklers for quality.  

 We want you and your loved ones to enjoy your second home for years and years to come- and if you follow our simple care and installation instructions we can guarantee that you will do just that!

 So, what is it that you’ll find inside…?

 1 x TiiPii base and suspension system

1 x set of eight aluminium TiiPii ring sections

1 x TiiPii bug net

1 x convenient carry bag